Live Dieffenbachia 'Camille' plantdumb cane house plant Fit 4 in Pot.



Dieffenbachia 'Camille' is one of the most laid back plants you could find. They prefer a shady spot but will thrive in bright light and generally like to stay pretty moist. Commonly known as Dumb Cane, they love humidity but will manage to grow in nearly all conditions! Dieffenbachia 'Camille' is an evergreen perennial cultivar with large, oval leaves that are attractively marked with dark green at the edges, fading to white in the centre. Also known as Dumb Cane 'Camille', this references the plant's poisoning effect, which if ingested, can cause a temporary inability to speak. This cultivar typically grows to over around 80cm high. Long periods of bright sunlight may damage the foliage, so it does best in partial shade, having originated from tropical forest habitats in North and South America and the West Indies. Flowers are borne on erect spikes, surrounded by cream-green spathes. They may appear at any time of year, though are rarely seen in cultivation. Given the correct growing conditions, however, they may surprise you! All parts are poisonous by ingestion, and sap may cause skin irritation.

Ship with soil, full roots with soil but no plastic pot.
Full plant, rooted shipped with soil. NO POT INCLUDE
If tempurature is lower than 45 degree, please add heat pack. Our warranty is 1 week after the plant is delivered. We will replace any dead plants. We do not take claim after 1 week. Our warranty policy is 3 days. Customer must contact us within 3 days upon receiving the shipment. After that, we won't take any claim

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