Mondo Grass Ophiopogon Japonicus 1Gallon Plant Snakes Beard Dwarf lilyturf Mondo Grass M Live Plant

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 is an evergreen, tuberous-rooted, rhizomatous, perennial of the lily family. It typically forms an arching clump to 8-12” tall and as wide of narrow, linear, grass-like, dark green leaves (each leaf to 8-15” long and 3/16” wide). Zone 5-10

All the plants are fully rooted, full and mature.
Plants in 4in or 6in pot are 3-12 months old
Plants in 1gallon pot are 2-3 years old ( 1-2.5 ft tall )
Plants in 2Gallon, 5GALLON pot are 3-5 years old ( Shrub is about 2-4 ft tall. Tree are about 3-6 ft tall) We may trim the plants to fit into the box
Most of Plants are shipped within 1-3 days. Some plants may take 18 days to get permit to ship to the customer's location. Please be patient
The plant may come without Plastic Pot
Warranty: We offer 3 days warranty upon arrivals