Dracaena Lemon Lime 6inches Pot H7 Plant striped dracaena cornstalk dracaena INDOOR Live Plant

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is a medium-sized dracaena plant, growing up to 4' to 6' feet tall. As the plant grows, it loses its initial leaves and forms bright green variegated foliage, similar to cornstalks. These leaves are vibrant green with white and yellow stripes, usually in the center forming a rosette. Zone 10-12

All the plants are fully rooted, full and mature.
Plants in 4in or 6in pot are 3-12 months old
Plants in 1gallon pot are 2-3 years old ( 1-2.5 ft tall )
Plants in 2Gallon, 5GALLON pot are 3-5 years old ( Shrub is about 2-4 ft tall. Tree are about 3-6 ft tall) We may trim the plants to fit into the box
Most of Plants are shipped within 1-3 days. Some plants may take 18 days to get permit to ship to the customer's location. Please be patient
The plant may come without Plastic Pot
Warranty: We offer 3 days warranty upon arrivals