Carolina Reaper Pepper 1 Gallon Habanero Plant Capsicum Chinense best Live Plant Chili Veggies

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Are you ready to grow the Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest pepper? With an incredibly high Scoville rating of 1,569,300, these spicy peppers are for courageous eaters only. Easy to grow, the infamous pepper possesses a fruity and sweet aroma, with an undertone of chocolate and cherry flavors. The Carolina Reaper is both hot and full of flavor.. A little goes a long way—use part of a pod to flavor an entire pot of chili, or dehydrate and grind the peppers to make ultra-hot pepper powder. Just be sure to wear gloves when handling and add a mask and eye protection when processing.
  • Carolina Reaper Pepper is the world's hottest pepper
  • Features a fruity and sweet aroma, with an undertone of chocolate and cherry flavors
  • Grows in full sun
  • Matures in 70 to 75 days and produces 2- to 3-inch long peppers
  • Plant 24 to 36 inches apart

Plant or Animal Product Type hot pepper
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor
Material Feature Organic
Color Green
Special Feature High Yield
Sunlight Exposure Full Sun
Unit Count 3 Count
Product Care Instructions Water
Soil Type Sandy Soil

About this item

  • THESE ARE REAL 75+ DAYS OLD RED CAROLINA REAPER PEPPER PLANT. You will be extremely pleased with the HIGH HEALTHY FRUIT HARVESTS, live SUPERB plants. The order will contain three VITAL, well-sized plants. Their WELL-DEVELOPED ROOT SYSTEM essential for high yield will give a GREAT START TO FRUIT.
  • THESE HOT PEPPER PLANTS live scoville rating is approximately 2,200,000 SHU. Unbelievably hot peppers Carolina reaper plants for sale from our garden
  • CAROLINA REAPER Plant is 200x hotter than a Jalapeno, they have a sweet & fruity flavor with unrelenting, face-melting heat, dragon breath pepper seeds. If you'd like to experince heat like never before sencetion grow this pepper. Just one pepper has the pungency to spice up 100’s of dishes. It is perfect to add to chili, stir fry or marinates without affecting the flavor of the original dish, DIY Reaper Hot Sauce, Dry Rubs for BBQ or Jerky, Pepper Jellies
  • SUPER HEALTHY carolina ripper pepper vegetables, all organic regular water feedings. Ready to go into your 5 gallon buckets for best results.These are not seedlings, they are carolina reaper starter plant. The Carolina Reaper starts off green and ripens to red, reaching about 1.5 to 2 inches in total length.
  • EACH BUYER will get the inside info how to get your plants large and super productive! Just contact us & ask for tips after receiving the plants. In case if any problem arises, please contact ASAP. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

_Plants exceeding 5ft in height can be trimmed to fit within a 4ft box. Requesting a box 

change may incur an additional charge of $20-$40.

We remove 1/3-2/3 soil before we pack the plant. NO POT is included.
We offer replacement only if plant is dead upon arrival and customer report any plant damage within 3 days of receiving plants.
Our warranty excludes minor damages, including minor breakage (less than 30%) or dried leaves.
Our Shipping and Handling time is 1-7 business days, may take up to 30 days for some plants.
IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! Consumption of the plant or part of it is not advised if the plant is not intended for consuming or the plant is not labelled as veggies or edible fruit tree on OUR TITLE. For veggies or edible fruit tree, please carefully conduct an inspection of the plant to make sure you get the correct plant before you consume the plant or part of it.

The Carolina Reaper Pepper 1 Gallon Habanero Plant Capsicum Chinense best Live Plant Chili Veggies was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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